Arduino Elegoo Fan


These are the items you need in order to do this project.

  • One USB cable
  • One Motherboard
  • One Female-to-Male Dupont Wire
  • One Breadboard Jumper Wire
  • One Fan Blade
  • One 3-6v Motor

Then when you get all of your supplies you wanna connect you USB to your computer. Then you wanna connect the other side of the wire to the mother board. From there you wanna put the Female-to-Male wire in the 3.3v or 5v hole in the motherboard and wrap it around or attach it to the motor. Then you are going to plug the jumper wire into the GND hole right next to the 5v and 3.3v hole and connect that to the motor. At that moment the motor will turn on and then you wanna attach the fan blade to the end of the motor and then you will have a working electric fan.

If you wanna code it and make the fan turn on and off for a certain amount of time you can head on over to Tinker cad and sign in. After that you wanna go to circuits and code what you want your Arduino to do.