Elegoo Arduino Uno-R3 Joystick Controlled Mouse


Image Source Pedro Lopez

By: Pedro Lopez, Reporter

When I did this project it wasn’t easy and it was also not hard. It’s time-consuming. The first time I did this with this youtube video it didn’t work for me I don’t know why I kept getting errors on the Elegoo Arduino Uno but I kept following what he said and still nothing. And when he explained where to put the pins he messed up he said a different pin and he put the pin somewhere else so that got me. In my opinion, it was really hard to understand. I think it wasn’t the video but it was my computer that did not have a lot of hardware.

I’m doing what I did first so you guys reading this can understand how it went for me and what I did. So when I saw this video it was too fast. The guy that made this did not put the code in his video in the description and when I tried to find the code it was really hard and so if you go to this link so you can find the code. So overall I think this video is not a good video to follow, but that is my opinion and yet again for me it did not work for me because of the hardware my computer has.

For the Arduino Project Hub, I was looking at this one and I was looking around without reading and I already saw that it was confusing cause it had pictures that did not make sense and I saw the video of it working but when I did the code I did not know where to put the pins and stuff because it didn’t show where to. But you can also look at the front picture but it will also be confusing to figure it out but if you do I think it will work. But like always I don’t know if it works because the hardware on my computer is not a lot so I don’t know.

And for the video on top of this newspaper, I did everything he did but the thing is he made his code so you have to follow it and he explained everything and it didn’t work for me but when I looked at the serial monitor when I moved around the joystick it was giving me different numbers every time I moved it, so overall I did something else but still it’s kind of cool so you can show your parents about it.