Elegoo Arduino UNO R3- Detecting Motion Engineering Notebook


The diagram of a motion sensor.

The Elegoo Arduino UNO R3 is an open-sourced microcontroller board. This microcontroller board has been used to make cool projects such as a detecting motion device. The motion detecting device is basically a device that can detect motion from the ultrasonic sensor in the Elegoo Arduino UNO r3 kit. Some kits are built differently, which means that some parts of another Arduino kit might be a little different from the Elegoo kit. In the end, it’s only the circuit that matters in order for the device to work.

The featured image in this article is another way (but similar) on how you can build a motion sensor. After building the motion sensor, make sure you have the Arduino software downloaded onto your computer. Then, from whatever source you decide to build your motion sensor, make sure you put in the code in correctly (void setup then void loop). Now, you’re all done! You can try to wave your hand in front of the motion senor and see if it makes any sound. If it doesn’t, then that’s when you know something is wrong. Try again!

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