Elegoo Arduino Uno R3 How to Make LED Lights Flash Morse Code


By: Trevor Nothdurft, Reporter

Ever want to make a led light up into Morse code? Then this for you this has what you need and how to do it.

What you need

A LED, A 150 resistor 2 connecter wires, 1 breadboard, An Arduino Uno R3 controller board, USB cable and the Arduino program.

Step 1 put the LED into the bread board by connecting the LED into 17 and 19 in the F row.

Step 2  add a connecting wire to 19 J and then onto the Arduino’s 10.

Step 3 add the resistor to 17 j and then on the breadboard 2 spaces next to the number 13.

Step 4 add the 2nd connecting wire to the top corner on the bread board up near J and then 13 on the Arduino.

Step 5 make the code on the Arduino program then upload it using the USB cable into your Arduino.

Your LED light should flash and stop.

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