Tips And Descriptions On Fall Guys Maps


Image credit to DevolverDigital

I will go over a explanation on how to beat every fall guys map but by category.


RACE: make it to the finish line first

Dizzy Heights: race across spinning platforms and don’t fight the spinners, go where they move you

Hit parade: dodge obstacles and try to stay near the middle, the front is crowded and will slow you down

See Saw: balance across rows of see saws and try to stay isolated from a group to avoid falling

Door Dash: stay near the middle and don’t try to find the doors it will just slow you down

Gate Crash: doors move up and down go for the one that are up if you are far away because they will be down once you get there

Tip Toe: avoid fake tiles stay near the middle and make it to the end (the last 2 tiles will always line up)

The Whirlygig: Dodge spinning beams, hammers, and fans as you race to the finish line.

Fruit Chute: Dodge falling fruit as you race up a conveyor belt to the finish line.

Knight Fever: Avoid giant scythes and swinging beams as you cross a lengthy medieval course.

Wall Guys: Grab and drag blocks to build paths over increasingly high walls.

Big Fans: Hop across an obstacle course of large rotating fans to reach the finish line.


SURVIVAL: stay alive until time runs out or till enough players are eliminated

Jump Club: a spinning bar rotates and you jump over it

Roll Out: Maneuver and dodge obstacles while on a spinning platform without falling off

Block Party avoid the walls and stay near the back

Tail Tag: Just have a tail by the end and you will be fine

Hoopsie legends: get 6 rings and you are qualified (golden rings are very good in this mode)\

Slime Climb: avoid the rising slime and the obstacles as you climb up

Perfect Match: fruits will show on screen and you have to memorize what is where and choose that platform or fall


TEAM: Work together.  2 teams can win and everyone on the winning teams qualifies

Rock N Roll: push a ball to the goal before the other teams some should push the ball others should stop the other teams ball

Fall Ball: Soccer, some need to play defense and a few attack, sometimes footballs will come instead of soccer balls, multiple soccer balls can be on the map at once

Egg Scramble: collect as many eggs as you can and some need defense and only like 2 attack (golden eggs are more valuable)

Egg Siege: a medieval version of egg scramble with axes, gates, and deeper egg pits so stealing and collecting are much harder

Team tail tag: make sure your team has more tails than the other teams, if you have a tail run if you don’t then chase opponents with a tail and try to take it

Hoopsie Daisy: Collect as much hoops as you can for your team ( golden hoops are more valuable)

Jinx: one player on each team (this game mode only happens with 2 teams) has been jinxed, you have to infect the other team completely to win. there are two efficient ways to help your team here, you can either Infect yourself purposely to infect the other team or you can run away and stay safe from the infection for as long as you can

Hoarders: have as many balls on your teams side by the end


FINALS: Get the victory

Fall mountain: there is a mountain and you have to avoid obstacles and grab the crown at the top, go to the middle and dodge the balls, once you are near the end use the diamonds as protection from the balls, go to the side of the hammers that flings you closer to the end instead of back, and actually jump up the layers at the end, wait for thye crown to be low enough and then grab it

Hex-A-Gone: There is layers of floor and if you fall all the way to the bottom you are out, either drop to the bottom and make a giant hole for people to fall into or stay at the top for as long as you can

Royal Fumble: its tail tag but there is only one tail and the person who has it at the end wins

Jump Showdown: it’s Jump club but harder, platforms fall, the spinners are much faster, and they are double sided,

These are descriptions and some tips on maps.