The Dead Sea

By: Yasmin Berjaoui, Reporter

The Dead Sea is a lake with lots of salt, It’s located in Israel, Jordan right on their borders. Whys it called the Dead Sea? Well the waters have high salinity and makes it so no aquatic life like fish and plants can live in it. With the high sodium in the waters you float. While you may swim in the Dead Sea many recommend not to stay in for more than 10 minutes. Also the lake is warm all year round for anyone who wants to take a dip in.

The Dead Sea is built with mud and salt when you walk into it, not the most comforting. The water can cause bad stinging to anyone with a cut, One rule most people say is to float only on your back and to not put your face in the water because your head could make you drown since the water is denser. Lastly the Dead Sea is now known to help illnesses like arthritis and heart problems and is known to help skin problems.