5 Tips On Building Your First PC


By: Zach Crump, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to build a pc but you didn’t know how? Well Here are some tips and a link from an awesome tutorial.

First tip: Be Deliqute To The CPU

If you have a AMD CPU you need to be careful with the pins because they can brake off costing you money.

Second tip: Don’t Forget To Screw In All The Screws

This is a easy one don’t forget any screws. A PC is better when all the screws are there

Third Tip: Make Sure All The Parts Are Compatible

If you get a intel Compatible Motherboard with a AMD CPU it will not work.

Fourth Tip: Don’t Hold The CPU Fan Incorrectly

You need to hold the CPU fan by the sides like a CPU. If you don’t you will touch the thermal paste on the bottom.

Fifth Tip: Make Sure You Get The Right Motherboard Size

There are 4 common types of PC Sizes E-ATX, ATX, micro ATX, and mini ITX. You need to get the right size so it will fit in the PC case