Fastest Way To Earn Medallions in BTDB (Bloons Tower Defence Battles)


By: Aiden Tran, Reporter

Bloons Tower Defence Battles is a mobile game that has been out since 2012. Still fairly popular even though it’s been 8 years.

The fastest way to earn medallions in my opinion is by getting on the weekly leaderboard. If you are placed between 25,001 and 50,000 place on the global leader board you win 2,000 medallions. To get there I usually like to go for 200-3,000 medallions a week. Getting this many medallions sounds hard to get. But, by playing these two game modes, Lead Dungeon and Rainbow Ruins, you can achieve that any day.

What if you lose? I certainly lose a lot trying to get placed high but it’s worth it. Losing 2,000 medallions to get 2,000 medallions doesn’t sound like a fair trade. That’s where the regional leaderboard comes in. The regional leaderboard is basically the same as the global leaderboard but a bit worse. You get medallions off of placement but just not as much. If you win 2,000 medallions off of the global leaderboard you’ll get 200, 400 or 800 medallions off of the regional leaderboard depending on placement.