Fading LED Light Project- Using Elegoo UNO R3



By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

The Fade project on the Elegoo UNO is simple and one of the easiest projects you could do on the Elegoo UNO. The product you will get at the end of this article is the process of an LED light fading over and over again. All the materials you need for this project are already in the Elegoo UNO R3 kit.

Materials Required:

  • Computer- with the Arduino 1.8.8 software
  • Elegoo UNO board
  • LED light
  • 220 ohm resistor
  • Hook-up wires
  • breadboard

After you successfully have these materials, you can now get started.  I want you to keep in mind that when I explain to you have to build the fading LED light, you have to reference to the picture for guidance. Here in the following are the steps I took in order to have a successful fading LED light.

  1. “Connect the anode (the longer, positive leg of your LED) to digital output pin 9 on your board” (you should see letters and numbers on the side of your Elegoo UNO) through a 220 ohm resistor (look at the featured image for help). Connect the cathode (the shorter, negative leg) directly to ground.
  2. Look at the featured image to see where you should put the hook-up wires. Two wires should connect to the bottom of the breadboard and one hook-up wire should be connected at the top of the breadboard near the LED light. There should also be two hook-up wires to the right of the breadboard, this will complete the circuit.
  3. Last step! Coding! Go to this website: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/BuiltInExamples/Fade. Here, you will find the coding that you will insert in your Arduino software. Keep in mind that you must verify and upload the code in order for it to work. Make sure you put the “void setup” and the “void loop” in the right places. After you complete this, make sure your breadboard and Elegoo UNO semi-match to the featured image.

If you are still lost, look at the video above for help.

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