2020 BMW S1000RR M


Source: GEG

By: Seth Job, Journalist

The 2020 BMW S1000RR M is a German sports bike. The bike is made in Berlin. It is priced at about $16,995. Rory, says that it is,” one of the most extreme bikes, money can buy”. The car is the M Sport version. Since it’s an M Sport, it is one of the most extreme version for one the most extreme bikes. With the M package, it gives the S1000RR M more focus.. Other cool features is that its lighter than the other version. It also has carbon wheels. Also has a lighter M battery and M seats. It also has M swing arm pivot and professional riding modes. The riding modes help it destroy the track when racing.

This bike is very compliant so the bike doesn’t strike you hard in the part. It also doesn’t hurt your wrists when you go over a bump. The bike might actually drop because when you going really slow, it will tip over. It’s light so you probably need to move faster when riding this bike. It’s also hard to balance when driving slow. The engine in the car is a 999 CC Inline 4-Cylinder so the bike is also capable at low revs. The bike uses BMW’s Shift Cam Variable Inlet Timing. This allows strong torque at low rpm. The S1000 also has absolutely amazing power when your going really fast and off the rev limiter. It is one impressive bike. This bike has the best quick shifter. It’s basically automatic and when you wanna stay on a certain speed, you don’t need to use the throttle. Instead it has cruise control.

One of the cool features on this bike is that it has handle heating so your hands don’t freeze when driving in the cold. On the bikes dashboard, it has a 6.5 inch touchscreen. Most bikes don’t really have these but this does. On the left handle, you have a little knob which changes the setting for you. This is obviously more safer than driving with 1 hand while switching settings. You can also change the riding modes, or the music by connecting to wireless earbuds or airpods. It can also connect to a compatible helmet. A really cool thing that most bikes don’t come with are a petrol gauge.

The S1000 is 3.5 kg lighter than a standard bike. The carbon wheel makes you feel even lighter because you got less unsprung mass. The engine on this thing is absolutely amazing. The peak power is 207 break horsepower at 13.5 thousand rpm and 113 newton meters of torque at 11,000 rpm. Since this bikes is really fast, its gonna need good brakes. The brakes on this bike is amazing so you know what power you need on the brakes and how much force to apply. If this bike is gonna to be speeding around, its gonna need a big tank for that. It has a 16.5 liters tank which is pretty huge but its good for this type of bike. On the wheel’s, its has amazing traction control to stop the rear wheel from spinning up. It also has race abs, slide control, wheelie control, launch control, dynamic brake control, and everything needed to keep you from falling off the bike or road.

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