Among Us, Tips On How To Win As Imposter

Tips on how to win as imposter


Image Credit to Becky Bracken

By: Jose Iriarte-Dubon, Reporter

Well I can’t give you a 100% winning strategy for imposter  because all games  are different but what I can do is give you some tips on how you can get wins as imposter.


Some info first, Among us is a game where there is 4-10 people in each game, depending on the settings and the amount of people there can be 1-3 imposters that have to sabotage and kill the crewmates (the innocents) the crewmates have 3 types of tasks, common tasks short tasks and long tasks, common tasks are tasks everyone has, short tasks are short tasks and long tasks require you to go to different places around the map to complete it. If crewmates complete all tasks or vote out the imposters then they win. If imposters kill enough crewmates until there is as much crewmates as there is imposters then they win.

Ok now here are the tips for how to win as imposter, blend in you should try to act like a crewmate and fake tasks, but be aware of how many common tasks there are and which ones they are, because if you fake a commo task and they don’t have it then they can vote you out. Be aware of the task bar while faking tasks if you fake a task and the task bar doesn’t go up then a crewmate could tell the others and you could get voted out. Use your vents they can help you get out of horrible situations but be sure that no one sees you vent, because only the imposters can vent. Watch out for the security cameras someone can be on them and see you vent or eliminate someone. USE YOUR SABOTAGES, sabotage is a button that can do certain things to as it implies sabotage the crewmates goal. The sabotages are (turning off lights so the crewmates can’t see anything, reactor meltdown two crewmates have to go fix reactor before it melts down, O2 the oxygen starts depleting and the crewmates have to go to admin and O2 to enter a pin to fix the oxygen, communications the crewmates don’t know where their tasks are and they can’t call emergency meetings, and doors sot he crewmates are stuck in certain rooms) USE THESE they are very useful.