The End of an Era (Adobe Flash Player)

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By: Tomi Vacca, Journalist

Adobe Flash Player
Image credit: “Adobe Flash Player” by PiPiWa is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

If you’ve ever played any sort of browser based game, you’ve no doubt heard of Adobe Flash Player. Flash is a software platform meant for a wide variety of browser based creations originally released in 1996. Since its inception people have enjoyed playing free online games on websites such as Cool Math Games. In 2017 Adobe made a statement saying that after December 31st 2020 they would stop distributing and updating Flash. It’s not all bad new though, there is currently a substitute program known as HTML5 which accomplishes some of the same tasks that Flash did. Flash was a great feat of software engineering and has acted as a catalyst in the technological revolution, it has also opened the doors for so many people to enjoy the internet however they want.

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