iPhone 12 Series


Image Source – Apple.com

By: Nazli Pazhouhfam, Reporter

Image Source – Apple.com

Apple just dropped out the new iPhones, the iPhone 12 series. In the iPhone 12 series there are four iPhones, the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 pro, and the iPhone 12 pro max. All of the iPhone 12 series iPhones have some upgrades in common. What all the iPhone 12 series iPhones have in common is they all have, 5G, a new processor (A14 Bionic), a newer flatter and tougher design (4x better drop performance),  water resistance (spill, splash resistance), ios 14, MagSafe (MagSafe is magnets built inside the back of the phone that you can attach your wireless charger to and accessories) and wireless charging. As you can see they have a lot of things in common.

Image Source – Apple.com

Now lets see what features they have individually. Let’s start off with iPhone 12 mini; iPhone 12 mini is not a big phone in fact it is a very small phone, it is only 5.4 inches, since it is a smaller phone the battery life does not last as much. It has a new upgraded camera, and iPhone 12 mini’s price starts from $699. It will come out on November 13, you can pre order the phone or just wait for November 13 to arrive. iPhone 12 has an improved and upgraded camera quality than iPhone 12 mini, it is 6.1 inches, and its price starts from $799.

Image Source -Apple.com

iPhone 12 pro is 6.1 inches, it has better camera quality than iPhone 12, and it’s price starts from $999. iPhone 12 pro max is 6.7 inches, due to the big size the battery life is much longer. It has the best upgraded camera out of all the iPhone 12 models, and the price starts from $1,099. You can pre order the iPhone 12 pro max or wait until November 13, the day that it will be released. Now that you know the basics about the iPhone 12 series, it’s your turn to decide which iPhone 12 you will buy.