League of Legends Champion: Seraphine



By: Aiden Tran, Reporter

League of Legends is a 5v5 strategy based team game. Each team picks 5 different champions to play as. The newest champion being added to the game is Seraphine. Seraphine is going to be played as a support and mid laner.

Starting off with her abilities. How Seraphine’s passive works is very unique. Like the mage buff in TFT if you’ve ever played, her next ability will double cast after using 3 basic abilities (Q, W, E). Meaning if she shoots out her Q ability, another Q will shoot out immediately after. The second part to her passive lets her stack up notes using nearby allies. When using an ability near an ally, she gains a note increasing her attack range by 25 and do an extra 5 magic damage. Once she uses an auto attack, her stack of notes will be removed and reset back at zero stacks. The max stack of notes she can have is 4.


Time for her Q ability. Seraphine shoots out a colorful projectile that damages her opponents that deals more magic damage depending on the opponents missing health.


For her W she splashes out a pretty big circle which gives her and allies movement speed that decays over time and shields them. If her passive is activated, she will shield and heal her allies.


Seraphine’s E releases a wave of sound damaging and slowing enemies. If enemies are already slowed they are then rooted, if enemies are already rooted, they are stunned. Her passive just recreates another sound wave having the same effect as the first E.


Seraphine’s ultimate is very strong. Like a bigger and wider E, she beams out a big wave, charming all enemies for 1.25 seconds. The more champions you hit (including teammates) will extend the range. Even though the max stacks is 4, she will get 5 stacks.



How to Play Seraphine (Abilities, Runes, and Tips)