What is Discord?


By: Jonathan McCombs, Journalist

Discord is a social media people use when playing games on there PC, or phone. Discord is used to talk to one another using text chat or voice chat when playing a video game. This app makes chatting easy and you can make servers and group chats with different friends! When you make a discord server you can set it up in different ways, there are different roles you can give to people and different permissions you can give to people depending on the roll that they have. You can join different servers to play games that everyone else in the server plays or just to talk to people. When playing a PC game people with commonly ask you what your discord is so you can call on it. In the bottom left you have your name and your tag. Your tag will always be 4 digits long and your name can be anything. Discord is commonly used because of how easy it is and how much creativity can be created within group chats and servers. You can add bots that do different commands and its just an easy way to call people while playing games. You can also share your screen or camera while on a call with others. These are a lot of the reasons discord is popular and used more than other social medias when playing video games.