War Robots: Ultimate Guide To Robots Of War


By: Christopher Haase, Reporter

When you play war robots, you can choose from a variety of robots to play with. Some are better at some things, while others are better at other things and most robots are good at multiple things. If you want to have a play style of capturing beacons, you could choose a robot that is fast and has stealth, or a robot that is slow but can walk all over the smaller robots in terms of health. You could also choose to have a brawling play style and just walk towards your opponent while firing your weapons. You could use a fast robot with stealth for that, and get right up to it, or you could choose a bigger robot with a lot of health.

There are a few things that are mentioned in the below robots that are in multiple abilities. When a robot jumps, it propels itself forward and up, and this can be used to run away, close in on enemies, move faster, or get up to high places. The next is stealth, which disables all lock-on weapons, and as robots cannot manually aim down, it also makes most heavy bots useless. A dash ability allows a robot a sudden, extreme burst of speed. It flies over the ground in one shallow jump. A flight ability allows a robot to go a set distance into the air (titans can go higher than robots), and most of the time fires a built-in weapon. The only exception to this flight is the hover, which can go as high as it wants as long as it has fuel.

The robots listed below are ranked from best to worst (best on top to worst on bottom) in terms of how well they can effectively capture beacons.

“Loki.” War Robots Alt Fandom, 2019, war-robots-alt.fandom.com/wiki/loki.

First off, there is the loki, which is a robot is extremely specialized to capturing beacons. It has an ability called shapeshift that allows to switch between recon mode and assault mode. While in recon mode, loki is faster and has unlimited stealth, but is unable to use its weapons. when coming out of recon mode, loki unfurls its weapons from behind it and can fire a salvo of three light weapons at its enemy. It then waits five seconds and can go back into recon.




The cossak is a starter robot very good at capturing beacons. Unlike the loki, though, it does not have stealth at all and just has jump as its ability. It is very fast, but only has one medium hardpoint and doesn’t have very much health. Its jump ability has a five second reload, but if you are jumping across level ground, the ability will have less than a second to reload once you land.

The next robot is the hover. This robot is very fast and has a lot of health, but often gets taken out very quickly if you start with it. This is because the robot’s ability is to fly. It starts with some fuel on the ground, and when you first hit the ability button it launches into the sky. You can then keep tapping the button very fast and hover as you fly. If you can get it just right, you can actually stay in the air indefinitely! This robot has two medium and a light hardpoint, and can be used to have a good sniping position, or capture beacons.

“Kumiho.” War Robots Alt Wiki, 2017, war-robots-alt.fandom.com/wiki/Kumiho.

The next robot is the kumiho. This robot has the ability to dash forward, covering a lot of ground very quickly. The robot has two ability charges, which means that you can use the ability and while the first charge is reloading, use the second charge. This robot can be used early-game to capture beacons, or can be used to dart towards enemies and hit them with storms or scourges (both of which do more damage at close range).





The rogatka is the next robot. This robot, just like the cossak, has a jump ability, but it has a longer cooldown. This jump ability propels it farther than the cossak’s, but not by much. It has two medium hardpoints, and is useful in early-game to capture beacons. It can also use its ability to jump to good sniping platforms and attack the enemy from there.

The bolt is a robot that, just like the kumiho, has a dash ability. The bolt, though, has three ability charges and has three light weapons. The bolt can be used to capture beacons, but if you try and engage in extended combat it will most likely be destroyed. The bolt doesn’t have much health, but can be used well with sniping weapons to attack the enemy and dash away afterwards.

The gareth was the first robot to have a physical shield. The shield can be at the front, slowing the robot down, or the side, which allows it to speed up. It can move very fast when its shield is at its side, and can attack well with its medium and light hardpoints.

“jes_00000.” War Robots Jesse, 2016, warrobots.com/en/robots/1.

The jesse is one of three robots that can switch its weapons during the battle. Its ability allows it to bring its weapons that were behind it to the front, and front to behind, essentially swapping weapons. It has four medium hardpoints, but only two can be active at once, and is very fast but has low health.



The destrier is the starting robot, and is very fast but also has low health. It has two light hardpoints and no ability.

The ao qin is a robot that can fly, but uses fuel in a different way than the hover. When you hit the ability button, you go up into the air, speed up, and a laser beams at your opponent. This laser has relatively low damage but can go through energy shields. The ao qin cannot, however, stay in the air forever.

The gepard is a low health high speed robot with three light hardpoints. It has no ability, but can outrun most opponents.

The next robots listed are the exact opposite of the beacon capturers. These are the brawling bots, and can rush in to devastate the opponent. They have high health, mostly heavy and medium weapons, and generally have some sort of shield or defense system.

The first robot is the fenrir. This robot can switch between two modes, recon and assault, just like the loki, but the focus is more on the assault mode than it is the recon. While in assault mode, the fenrir has an incredible defense system, lowering all incoming damage to almost nothing. While in recon, though, the fenrir has an aegis shield that absorbs all incoming damage, but it can break. The aegis shield will regenerate health while in assault mode, but will not while in recon. While in assault mode, the fenrir has the use of a heavy and two medium hardpoints, but while in recon, the heavy is disabled and it can move a little faster.

The second robot is the lancelot. This robot has three shields in front of it, and has an ability called rush. When using its ability, the robot speeds up and can close the gap between it and its enemy very fast. This robot has the use of a heavy and two medium hardpoints.

The bulwark is a robot that can switch between an aegis and a physical shield. The aegis shield will absorb all incoming damage, but will break eventually. The aegis shield will only regenerate while the physical shield is up. The physical shield is centered on the bulwark, and is very small, mainly stopping lock-on energy weapons.

The inquisitor is a robot that has the unique ability of descend. The robot jumps in the air and activates stealth, breaking lock-on and manual weapon’s targeting. The inquisitor can fire a salvo from a heavy and two medium hardpoints, but doesn’t have much health compared to other heavy robots.

“falcon_00000.” War Robots, 2018, warrobots.com/en/robots/39.

The falcon is a tough robot to play, and can get into very dangerous situations quickly and easily. While its ability is not active, It has only one heavy weapon. It does, however, have an amazing defense system that reduces all incoming damage. The first time you hit the ability button, the falcon pulls out two other heavy weapons, but its defense system goes down and it actually takes more damage than the weapon shooting it normally does. This lasts for 7 seconds, then the falcon puts its other heavies away and puts up its defense system. While its ability is active, though, the falcon can jump, allowing it grater mobility than some other robots.

The carnage is one of a few robots that has a permanent energy shield. This shield absorbs most incoming damage, but does not block energy or point-blank shots. With its two heavy hardpoints and rush ability, the carnage can back away from opponents while letting its shield absorb the damage.

The invader is a robot that is great at starting fights, and can finish them quickly. Its ability allows it to jump up in the air, and when halfway to its destination, it activates a defense system. When it lands, it suppresses all of the enemy’s weapons, allowing it to take almost no damage because of the defense system and suppression. Its two mediums and light hardpoint allow it to devastate enemies before backing away.

The galahad is a robot that can have a shield to block incoming damage from the front or side. While its shield is on the side, it can move faster, but while its shield is in front it can attack the enemies that are shooting its shield. It has two mediums and a light weapon, allowing it to destroy enemies with the right weapons.

The rhino is a robot that can charge forward and destroy enemies with two mediums and two lights. While its ability is active, the robot has a shield up and can move faster, but can’t turn as well and doesn’t have the use of its medium weapons.

The rayker is a robot that doesn’t have nearly as much health as heavy robots, even having less than some mediums, because it can suppress the enemy and take them out quickly with its heavy and two light hardpoints. Its ability shoots five energy shots that suppress the enemy and deal a little damage. It is a very agile bot, and with four legs can move in any direction easily.

“Leo.” Leo, 2014, warrobots.com/en/robots/22.

The leo is a more basic brawler, but has the most health of any robot in the game (as of right now). With a heavy and three light hardpoints, the robot can destroy most enemies very quickly. Although, it does not have an ability and isn’t very fast.



The butch is a robot that, like the jesse, can switch between two sets of weapons, although the butch uses heavies instead of lights. It doesn’t have much health, but swapping between two heavy hardpoints gives it a lot of firepower.

The doc is the last robot that can switch its weapons, but it does it with mediums. It is good for a burst shot and then retreating. It is fast compared to some other brawlers, but doesn’t have much health.

Knife fighters are a set of robots that are good at going in and then immediately retreating out. For example, a robot could stealth and go into a group of enemies while firing weapons, and then fall back before the stealth runs out.

The Typhon is a robot that can suppress, lockdown, and EMP the enemy. suppression makes them deal less damage, lockdown makes them unable to move, and EMP means that they can’t use their active module or ability. with four medium hardpoints, it can deal tremendous damage and is a very good robot overall.

The ao jun is a robot that can fly, stealth, and shoot a flamethrower all at once. It has two heavy hardpoints, and can go into a battle and destroy the enemy before falling back because it doesn’t have much health.

The hawk is a robot that, when its ability is activated, flies into the air and most incoming damage is reflected back at its attacker. It also fires and energy beam that combines the power of the two lights and two heavy hardpoints, which are deactivated in flight.

The scorpion is a robot that has the unique ability to teleport behind its enemy. When it does this, it activates a defense system that lowers all incoming damage, activates its built-in weapons that deals damage over time, and its speed is extremely increased. It has two mediums and a light hardpoint, but is vulnerable when it doesn’t have its defense system active.

“cerberus_00000.” Cerberus, 2020, warrobots.com/en/robots/61.

The cerberus is a robot that has a very unique ability called blackout. It shoots three projectiles at the enemy that inflict DOT, lockdown the enemy, and suppress the enemy. This means the robot is taking damage over time, cannot move, and has less weapon damage.



The aries is one of three robots that has the retribution ability. It activates an indestructible energy shield (absorber shield), and when the shield is about to go down or the ability button is pressed again, it activates its built-in energy weapons. The aries also has damage added for whatever the absorber shield absorbs. Combined with the firepower of two mediums and two light hardpoints, the aries is a very hard robot to kill. It doesn’t have much health, though, and can be destroyed when its shield down.

The nemesis has a similar ability to the aries. It is still called retribution, but the absorber shield doesn’t last as long and it uses a rocket launcher instead of an energy weapon.

The leech is similar to the aries and nemesis in that damage done to it can be reflected in some form. The leech, though, activates a defense system that lowers all incoming damage by 90%, and reflects 70% of it to the target (must be within 500m).  This means that more than half of the damage is being reflected back at the enemy. As with most other knife fighters, though, it doesn’t have much health. Combined with four medium slots, though, it can take out many robots.

The mercury can stealth jump, but unlike the inquisitor, when it lands or dashes toward the ground, it deals massive damage to nearby enemies (75m radius). It also only has two lights and a heavy, unlike the inquisitor’s heavy and two mediums. Again, it doesn’t have much health and can be destroyed when it comes out of stealth.

The pursuer is similar to the stalker in that it can stealth and has light weapons, but it has three compared to the stalker’s two, and speeds up when it stealths. This allows it to close in on enemies very quickly without the enemy doing much damage to it.

Sniper robots are robots that are specialized to long-range battles, either because of a built-in weapons or because of the speed and firepower. They generally have at least one heavy, but mostly they have two or more.

The jeager is a robot that is extremely specialized to sniper battles, as it has an aegis energy shield that can block all incoming damage until it disappears. The robot can switch between two modes – sniper mode, where it is slow but has the aegis shield and a built-in 1100m range kinetic gun that deals massive damage, and recon mode, where it is faster than most other robots in the game. This allows it to get to a good sniping platform and kill the enemies before they can get far from their spawn.

The behemoth can switch between having a ton of firepower and being able to move. When its ability is active, it has four heavy slots active but cannot move. While its ability is inactive, it has only two heavy slots, but can move (although not very quickly).

The fury has three heavy slots but no ability. It has a good amount of health, although not as much as the behemoth, but can move faster.

The raijin can trade movement for firepower and a shield. When its ability is active, it is standing taller but cannot move, as well as dealing 30% more damage and putting up two shields in front of it.

The natasha has no ability, but has two heavy and two light hardpoints. It doesn’t have as much health as the behemoth, but it does have more health than the fury. It is very slow, and cannot move to the enemy very well.

The hades has only one heavy and two light slots, but just like the knife fighters aries and nemesis, it has the ability retribution. The built-in weapon is kinetic on the hades, and has a range of 800m.

The g.i. patton has no ability and four light hardpoints, but is fast compared to some other snipers (namely behemoth, fury, and natasha). It also doesn’t have very much health and generally shouldn’t be taken into the middle of a brawl in higher leagues.

“Mendar.” Mender, 2018, warrobots.com/en/robots/40.

There is only one robot that is all support, the mender. It has two lights and a medium hardpoint, and when its ability is active, it sends out seven pulses that heal all allies nearby. It also speeds up and activates a defense system that lowers all incoming damage.


The next few robots don’t really fit into any category, or fit into three or more.

The griffin is a good all-around robot, its jump ability allowing it to get other places quickly, and two lights and two mediums allowing it to deal substantial damage. It also has a moderate amount of health.

The hellburner is a robot that can dash into a group of enemies, then damage all nearby enemies and itself. When it dies, it does huge damage in a 200m radius.

The strider can dash, and has five ability charges. It has substantial speed and moderate health, while a heavy and two light hardpoints deal quite a bit of damage.

The fujin is a robot that can sacrifice its movement to have an energy shield. This absorbs all incoming damage except energy, plasma, and flamethrower damage. It also has three medium hardpoints.

The ao guang can fly and activate an extremely good defense system, and fire waves of missiles at the enemy. It has low health, but three mediums can deal a bit of damage.

These next robots fit into exactly two categories (ranked highest health to lowest).


The weyland is a mix of support and sniper. It has two heavy weapons, and when its ability is active, it has a defense system and heals all allies nearby.

The tyr is a mix of support and brawler. It can switch between two modes where it only has two mediums but heals allies, or can have access to its two light weapons as well.

The bulgasari (beacon capper and brawler) has three dash ability charges, and has three mediums. It is good at getting up in enemies faces to deal damage, running away, or just going after beacons.

The phantom (capper/knife fighter) can activate its ability, which speeds it up and gives it a defense system. Upon reactivation, it teleports to where it activated the ability.

The raven (capper/brawler) is the only robot that can double jump. With two ability charges, being able to jump in midair, and boosting weapon damage when it jumps, it is a fearsome enemy that is also very mobile. It can cross maps very quickly.

The vityaz (sniper/brawler) has a heavy and two light hardpoints, and the heavy is situated so that you can stand behind a corner and shoot around it. It has no ability.

The blitz (capper/knife) has an ability that speeds it up and it shoots three waves of energy charges that suppress enemies.

The heichi (capper/brawler) has two dash ability charges and three medium weapons.

“Stalker.” Stalker, 2015, warrobots.fandom.com/wiki/stalker

The stalker is the last robot in this list. It is a capper/knife robot, and can stealth for 8 seconds before it has to reload its ability. It has two light hardpoints, and is very fast.



Finally, there are a few things you can use in battles called titans. Every player gets a kid, the basic titan, when you reach level 30. These titans have massive amounts of health, have their own special weapons, and even have a new currency to use just on them.

The two titans that are brawlers are the arthur and the kid. The arthur has an alpha (titan heavy) and two betas (titan light) hardpoints. two shields that he can pull from his sides to his front, and these shields are extremely hard to break. Its second ability is to blast all robots away dealing massive damage to them, and titans receive the damage but not the knockback. The kid has the most health of any titan, two permanent beta slots, and its abilities activate its alpha weapon, and a defense system. It also can burn out the ground and air nearby doing huge damage.

The sniper titan, ao ming, can fly for as long as it wants, and while in flight has access to its two beta weapons. It also has two alpha weapons that are always active. While on the ground, its defense system is active, but it deactivates when it flies. The other ability is to heal itself.

The support titan is the nodens. this titan has four beta weapons and can suppress the enemy or heal allies and itself. Its heal ability links it to an ally, healing them, and also heals a bit of its own health.

The last titan is the knife fighter Minos. This titan can speed up, and also damages all nearby enemies. Its second ability is to activate reflector shield, knocking 50% of the damage done to it back at the enemy. This titan has 4 beta slots, and when equipped with the grom (titan shotgun), can be very deadly. It can also be deadly with other weapons, but the grom deals massive damage when at point-blank range.