War Robots – What it is and how to play.

By: Christopher Haase, Journalist

War Robots is an online multiplayer where you fight over control of special points throughout the map. Unlike some other popular pvp games, you do not play as a person, but instead play as an enormous robot. When you start up the game, you load into your hangar where you can see your robots and what weapons they have. There are around 50-60 robots and even more weapons. On a robot there are three different weapons slots. There are heavy, Medium, and Light weapons. You can only put a medium weapon on a medium hardpoint on a robot, not a heavy or light. A hardpoint is a slot where you can put your weapon.

As you play the game, you will start getting higher and higher levels and ranking. You level up by playing battles and gaining exp, which can’t be lost. You rank up by gaining trophies, which can be lost and if you play poorly in a battle compared to others, you will lose some. When you reach level 22, you unlock the workshop which you can use to start producing components for better robots. When you reach level 30, you unlock Titans. At other levels, you will unlock new weapons and robots. As you rank up, you will earn more currency per battle and supply crate. You will also earn more honor points, which you need to get platinum and some special event currencies.

Titans are very big, almost twice the size of the biggest robot. These giant monstrosities cannot be deployed onto the battlefield until you have charged up your “titan bar”. You charge this up by capturing beacons, damaging enemies, destroying enemy robots, and healing allies. Titans have much more health than a normal robot, with the lowest health titan being at 267k health, and the highest robot being at 168k. Titans have two abilities, unlike robots who have zero or one. Titans also do not use heavy medium or light weapons, but instead use alpha and beta. Alpha weapons are the titan’s version of the heavy, and beta is the titan’s version of the light. There is no titan medium.

There are three currencies in this game – silver, gold, and platinum (AU, AG, PT). Silver is the most common of the three, and you can produce components in the workshop with it, upgrade robots with it, and buy robots and weapons with it. Gold is the second most common type of currency. With it you can speed up upgrades, buy robots, buy silver, speed up production in the workshop, and buy weapons. Platinum is the rarest currency, unlocking only at level 30. It is considered the “titan currency”, and you start off with 20 when you reach level 30. You can use it to buy titans, buy titan weapons, and upgrade titan weapons and titans.

When you first load up the game, you will start in your hangar. This is where your robots and titan appear and where you can go to battle, look at your clan stats and ranking, look at your at your stats and ranking, go to your tasks, and many other things. At the top left of your hangar is your profile. Your name and level are displayed there, and if you tap on it you will see your overall stats. Just below that is a special delivery crate. These are events that appear every now and then, and give great rewards. If there is no special event going on, the special deals will be there instead of right below it. Special deals almost always have you pay money to get good rewards for cheaper than if you just straight out bought them from other places in the game, but they can also have items that cost gold. Below the special deals (wherever it is), there is the tasks tab. These are mission that you can complete to get gold, platinum, and special event credits. Below that is the workshop, which unlocks when you reach level 22. You can produce components to get better robots with higher health, speed, and better abilities. Below that is the “black market”. You can buy chests using keys that you win after a battle. These are very weighted, so be warned that opening a chest will most likely not give you what you are looking for. At the very bottom left is the supply drops and honor point crates. You get honor points by participating in battles, and they will help you towards the honor point crate. You get a supply drop every half hour that has more or less silver depending on what league you’re in.

In the bottom middle is the hangar tabs. These let you switch between hangars that you own. On the bottom right is the operation. These give you great rewards by getting operation xp (OXP) in battles. You get OXP by doing damage, healing allies, and just being an active participant. Above the operation on the right side is the notifications tab. You get notifications whenever a major update comes out or whenever a new robot or weapon comes. Above that is the clan tab. You can only join clans from level 10+, but they can help you complete clan tasks which give you boosters and components. Above that is your ranking, which gives you more honor points per battle as you go up, and more silver per supply crate as you go up. Above that is the squad tab. If you create a squad, you can go into battle with other people from your clan, other people that you have played with recently, or other people that you’re friends with on social media (if you’ve connected your account to the game). To the left of that is the boosters button. Boosters can give you higher damage, higher speed, lower ability cooldown, and many other things. Above the boosters tab is the “to battle” button. Above that is the clan chat and settings. Settings include stuff about both your account and the graphics. At the top middle you have the currency. This includes gold, silver, and platinum. Below that is what the game recommends you should do. This can include upgrading weapons, speeding up upgrades, and/or equipping weapons to empty slots on robots. In the center of your screen you have your robots and titan. You start off with one robot, and purchase the extra slots for silver and gold. You can also purchase a new hangar.

When you decide to enter a battle, you can choose from one of four game modes, Domination, Beacon Rush, Free For All (FFA), or Team Death Match (TDM). Domination and beacon rush are modes where you fight other robots to control certain positions marked by beacons. There are two lines at the top: a red and a blue. When you capture a beacon, the red team’s bar starts getting shorter. When they capture a beacon, your bar (the blue one) starts getting shorter. In FFA and TDM, the goal is simply to destroy all of your enemies.

There are three ways for a Domination or a Beacon Rush game to end. If one bar disappears, that team loses. If one team runs out of robots, that team loses. If the game lasts for ten minutes, whoever has more of their bar left wins. If there are no robots left on a team but the other team’s bar is gone, the team with no robots left will win. For example, say your team (blue) has been completely and utterly destroyed. None of your teammates have robots left and neither do you, but you have all 5 of the beacons and the other team’s bar has run out. You would win. The other team has run out of bar and has lost the game. The only difference between beacon rush and domination is that in beacon rush you can spawn on beacons, and in domination you can only spawn on your “home”.

TDM is the mode where ties are most common. If both teams have killed the same amount of robots when the game ends, there is a tie. FFA has every person for him/herself. When you kill an opponent, you gain tokens. These tokens can be spent to revive robots later in the round. Other than that, the goal is simple: destroy all of your opponent’s robots and don’t let them destroy yours.