Minecraft Dungeons

《Minecraft: Dungeons》公佈 黑人法師大戰魔王、熊貓 by steamXO is marked with CC PDM 1.0

“《Minecraft: Dungeons》公佈 黑人法師大戰魔王、熊貓” by steamXO is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Minecraft dungeons is based off of Minecraft, but not as much as some people would think. Normal Minecraft had two main sides to it (yes there were others but these were the main two), you could be a builder and build amazing things, or you could be a fighter and fight the mobs that spawn in the dark. Minecraft dungeons, on the other hand, is only a fighting game. You travel through a dungeon, fighting through monsters, mini-bosses, and bosses to get there. When you first start the game, you are told the story of the arch-Illager and the orb of dominance.

The arch-Illager was a small Illager that had been cast out of everywhere he tried to go. He had been shunned by the monsters, villagers, and players. One day, he found the orb of dominance, which was the most powerful artifact ever created. Eventually, all the monsters submitted to his rule. The villagers, on the other hand, did not want to submit to him, and they began to fight back with the heroes (players) helping them.

You start off on the beginning of a grassy path, with a zombie up ahead. You go through the tutorial level, fighting through zombies, and eventually skeletons, to get to a cliff overlooking the rest of the overworld. This is where you set up camp. From here, you can set out on missions to any of the levels, and eventually defeat the arch-Illager.

As you go along, you can collect melee weapons, which can be swords, axes, daggers, glaives, or hammers, just to name a few. You can collect armor, and you can collect ranged weapons, which can be either crossbows or normal bows. The last type of item you can collect is an artifact. These can heal you, summon pets, or help you fight or get past the monsters in some other way. You can replay levels as many times as you want to get better weapons, armor, and artifacts to help you win.

Different monsters start to appear as you go through the levels. in creeper woods, the first non-tutorial level, you can start to find creepers, which are essentially walking land mines. They can be used to your advantage, though, because when they explode they damage and kill most of the monsters around them. Vindicators also appear. These melee mobs are very fast, and run at you with an iron axe. After creeper woods you can go to either soggy swamp or pumpkin pastures.

In soggy swamp you start to see witches appear, which throw potions that break on contact with anything (including your arrows), and heal witches and damage you. You can also find giant slimes, which break into two medium slimes when they die and the medium slimes break into small slimes each when they die. Small slimes can, unlike normal Minecraft, hurt and kill you.

Geomancers appear in pumpkin pastures, which summon pillars to form walls in front of you. They can also summon pillars that glow red then explode. Just like creepers, these pillars will damage monsters if the monsters are within the explosion. Spiders also appear. These giant monsters will shoot webs at you, sticking you in place. Once you can’t move, they will rush at you and all attack you at once. Pillagers are monsters here that shoot at you with a crossbow. The arrows from their crossbows will do more damage than a skeleton’s bow, and go through players.

Cacti Canyon is next, where you fight husks for the first time. These lumbering giants have almost three times the amount of health that zombies have, and deal a lot of damage. You also encounter the keys, which you need to open some gates. You hit the key to pick it up, but if something hits you and you take damage, the key will fall off and walk away. Melee mobs such as the husk and zombie will pick up keys if they can, and you must kill them to get them to drop the key. The final new mob is called an enchanter. These weak mobs don’t deal much damage and don’t have a lot of health, but they do enchant other mobs and give them boosts such as fast attack or higher damage.

You then enter the Desert Temple, which has the skeleton royal guards. These have shields that break after one shot, but absorb all of that shot’s damage. There are also traps in this level. If you see a line of blocks on the ground that stretches from one wall to the other that look like squares within squares (if you play Minecraft these are chiseled stone bricks), when you step on it it will activate a trap. Traps can either be a 2×2 section of the wall slamming into the other wall every few seconds, or a blade that pops up out of the ground every few seconds. These traps can damage mobs.

Redstone mines is next. You can find cave spiders here, which inflict poison when they attack you. They do not act like normal spiders and just run at you. They cannot shoot webs, and have very little health, but if they hit you there isn’t a way to reverse the poison. Also, you will have to watch out for the minecarts. These run along tracks throughout the level, and will take out half of your health if they hit you.

Fiery forge is after redstone mines, and mas the same monsters as before. There is one difference though. At the end you will encounter the redstone monstrosity, a boss unique to this level.

Highblock halls is after fiery forge, and has the non-skeleton royal guards. These slam maces into the ground and have a shield. The maces deal quite a bit of damage and knockback.

Obsidian Pinnacle is the last level. The arch-Illager is at the end. There are many royal guards, enchanters, vindicators, and pillagers throughout the level.


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