Is Chaac a Good Rogue in Rogue Company?


The 14 unique rogues to choose from

By: Daniel Sanchez, Reporter

Rogue company is a new game in the multiplayer genre, the open beta for Rogue Company came out October 1st 2020. Rogue Company consist of 3 game modes and 14 unique characters with unique abilities to choose from. In this article we’re gonna focus on one character and his name is Chaac, Chaac’s main ability boost his health up to 175 but it only last 15 seconds so if you want to use his ability effectively you have to activate it before you get into a fight or before you go into the objective, if you get knocked and you haven’t used his ability you can activate it to revive your self when downed.

Chaac’s weapons are SKL-6 and the D40-C, the SKL 6 is a pump action shotgun and D40-C is a submachine gun, his secondary gun is the spitfire, the spitfire is a automatic pistol and his melee weapon is a katana.

Chaac’s utility is a flashbang which can blind enemies for short amount of time, Chaac’s second utility item is a semtex grenade, the semtex grenade is a grenade which sticks to any surface including other players.

All around Chaac is a very good character for the people that have a aggressive playstyle.