Clash of Clans: What to have before upgrading your townhall.


“Clash of Clans 3” by Themeplus is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Aiden Tran, Reporter

Clash of Clans is a mobile game created by SUPERCELL released on August 2nd, 2012. It is mostly a strategic and patience game.

There are two types of bases. The builder base and the base you start out on. Were focusing on the original base. Upgrading only your townhall does give you more defenses, traps, and walls. But it makes your base extremely weak to other people with the same townhall but upgraded defenses and troops. This strategy is called townhall rushing. It’s not a good or recommended strategy.


The recommended way or in my opinion, the best way of playing, is to take it slow. Instead of upgrading your townhall. Make sure every single thing is upgraded first. From defenses to traps to troops and even every single wall. You want to be maxed out on everything before pressing that upgrade button. Even though it might takes weeks or even months, depending on townhall level. It’s definitely worth it.


Upgrading everything isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even with 5 builder huts, upgrading everything takes tons of resources. The gold mines and elixir collectors do help with getting resources but to get resources faster would be to take advantage of the 5 star attack bonus every day. Getting 5 stars as well as the resources from the enemy base gives so much gold, elixir and dark elixir. If the 5 star bonus is ready then attack bases with little loot but a weak base is worth it when you get so much more from the bonus.

Now on to the builder base. In the builder base, upgrading everything takes the long waiting game just like the original base. Getting loot does seem easier with the 3 win bonus. Just like the 5 star bonus, winning 3 games will give lots of loot as well as the other 2 wins before the third. I recommend attacking as often as the 3 win bonus cooldown is up to maximize your resource gain and upgrade faster using the clocktower which speeds up time.


Finally, to see what is needed to be upgraded. Use the blue button on the top of your screen next to the builders face to see what is needed to be upgraded. The list has everything and how much loot each upgrade costs making decisions on what to upgrade much much easier