What Happened To Flying Cars?


Flying Cars? Where!

As of 2018 there were many rumors of flying cars and they were working on it on to 2019 just when “BAM” Covid-19 strikes. Flying cars where something everyone was expecting to be a reality however what happened to them?


The Hardships of creating a Flying Car.

If there was ever to be a Flying Car it would have to be heavy to pressure the weight of the road and be light for the air to take off. It was a weird problem because they wanted it heavy but not also heavy.  The fact of making it a “Flying Car” makes it difficulty because it makes it more of a Drone.  People have always had an idea of just putting wings on a car since the nineteen hundreds. There were people that made groups to make a flying car however it was during the beginning of World War 1 so it was dismantled for parts since then they used planes. We would need higher and lower density batteries a lighter and micro motor to lighten it out. Motors need to have enough power to lift the car up and a good amount to cruise in the sky and a little for the landing.


The Flying Car that was suppose to go on sale.


This Flying Car video was released on YouTube on Sep 27, 2018 and was titled World’s first flying car about to go on sale.  In this video you see a four seat car with 2 WINGS! Now the car looks believably realistic however the background does not. The twin electric motor pods would be heavy and for this car it looks like they are really working on it however from the title it says “about to go on sale.” Now it’s been two years and there’s been a virus outbreak and it has changed the economy and the Earth so there has been a delay on materials and many people got misemployed and left with no money. Some businesses have gone bankrupted and they can’t do anything about it. As I said you need a lot of energy to lift up and in the video it states that a MEGAWATT of power lifts you up into the air. It says stuff about electric engines however nothing about the weight needing to be light in the air so you use a micro engine. It is pretty certain that engineers are working on it but it is a hard topic and not easy to make.

In conclusion the idea of a flying car is not forgotten but is challenging. Who knows by when we will get flying cars and all these fancy technology advances.