Things To Know About The iPhone 12


Source: "iPhone 12 Pro" by yto is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you didn’t hear already, Apple just released the new iPhone 12. People say the 12 is a waste of money and that its the same as the 11. Depending on what you want in a phone is how to decide if the iPhone 12 is worth it for you.

Now here’s a couple things to know about the iPhone 12. There is 4 different iPhone 12 models, basic iPhone 12, 12 pro, 12 mini and 12 pro max. Now they all have the same storage options, Apple A14 processor, Face ID (etc.) but have different sizes and weight. I personally think the iPhone 12 pro max is too big, but here are the sizes, iPhone 12 and pro is 6.1- inches, Pro max is 6.7-inches and the mini is 5.4-inches. The pro max is heavier though do to the extra hardware. Last thing, many people want good camera quality, the front camera is the same for all of the iPhone 12 models while the back camera is the same for the mini and and the regular 12. The only thing different about the back camera for the pro and pro max is that they added 12 megapixel telephoto which gives the iPhone a longer focal length.