Trip-Wire Alarm System(s)


By: Aisha Telhan, Journalist

Alarm systems are a fascinating way to catch someone in the act. In movies and sometimes in real life, trip wires are typically used to catch bad guys doing something they probably shouldn’t be doing, but sometimes people use trip wires to catch animals or track them. Tripwires are the most basic way to set up a security system as well. Tripwire systems are also used to detect many things, in the following are things basic tripwires can detect:

  • a baseline of server file systems
  • desktop file systems
  • directory servers
  • databases
  • virtual systems
  • middleware applications
  • network device configurations in a known good state.

In this video below, you can watch all about how to set up a homemade trip-wire alarm system that you can even use in your own backyard:

Now that you know the engineering on how to make a tripwire alarm system, what will you use this knowledge for? You decide!

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