A Bowling Ball That Hits A Strike Every Time


Image Source: “Bowl!” by Grumbler %-| is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Joshua Barlan, Journalist

Have you ever been bowling? If you have then great but if you haven’t let me tell you about it. Bowling is a sport where the objective is to knock down 10 pins in as little bowls as possible. When you knock down all 10 that’s called a strike there are not many bowlers that can get a strike every time. With top tier players hitting a strike is purely muscle memory, but there is always a chance they might fluke and miss at least 1 or 2. So if you’re not a pro bowler how does the average guy get strikes?  Engineering has solved that issue using an Elegoo Arduino Uno R3 microcomputer that always gets a strike. The reason it hits a strike every time is because the engineer who made it “Mark Rober” programmed the bowling ball to correspond with his body. Simply by tilting his body, he could move the ball wherever he pleased.