Snowboarding for Beginners


By: Reagan Vaughn, Reporter

To start snowboarding, you want to get a feel for your board. If the board is above your chin, then your snowboard is a little big for you. The next step to snowboarding is to find a small hill of snow to practice going down. If you have ever skateboarded before, you would know that the direction you lean and put your weight in the direction you will be going. To stop your snowboard when going down a slope, turn your board up the mountain and have your board even on both sides to come to a stop. To go up a hill on a snow board, unclip your dominant foot and walk up the hill sideways like a crab. Also, snowboarding lessons aren’t that expensive if you decide you are really in to snowboarding. Lastly, you want to be safe when you are snowboarding. Make sure to wear the proper gear like a helmet and snow suite.