Why No Gaming System Is Better Than Others


Image credit to Kevin Muldoon

The gaming situation right now is chaotic. Some believe the Xbox is the best, others think that PlayStation is the best, others think that the Nintendo switch is best and others think the PC is the best, but in my opinion they are all great in their own way. Right now the top 4 gaming competitors are (Steam, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox) and i think each have their own good things. lets start off with steam. Steam is a website on PC and it’s a unique company. Unlike consoles they are not a thing you can buy at a store, you can just get steam on a laptop or PC and buy games on there. Ok lets talk about Xbox now, Xbox was made by Microsoft and focuses on top performance and good graphics. A new Xbox called the Xbox series X is coming out on November 10th which has more console storage than it’s competitor the PlayStation 5 but in pretty much every other way the new PlayStation outshines it. Ok let’s talk about the PlayStation, its owned by Sony and focuses on exclusives, graphics, and fast and good performance. It also has a new console coming out on November 12th called the PlayStation 5 with way more exclusives than the Xbox but less storage. The last company I want to talk about before comparing these is Nintendo. Nintendo is a all gaming company and unlike PlayStation and Xbox isn’t owned by a bigger company, it is a full on gaming company. Nintendo focuses less on high performances and good graphics and they focus more on fun for everyone. Now to compare them I will do that by categories, 1. what you are looking for 2.exclusive games 3. what you’re friends are getting and 4.price 5. accessories. First off what are you looking for? If you are looking for family friendly gaming you could go with Nintendo, if you want incredible graphics and high performances you could go with Xbox or PlayStation and if you want games that sometimes aren’t on console and depending on the game you are playing and PC you have could also have good graphics then you could go with a gaming PC and install Steam. Next is exclusive games, Let’s start off with Nintendo, basically all of Nintendo’s first party games are exclusives, I’ll name a few (Mario, Super Smash Brothers, Luigi’s Mansion, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, Yoshi games, Donkey Kong, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon) and that’s just to name a few out of hundreds. Now we will look at PlayStation’s exclusive games I’ll name a few (Spider man, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Fall Guys, Gran Turismo, Persona, Astro Bot, The Last Of Us, God of war) and again that’s just to name a few out of many. Now I’ll name some Xbox exclusives (a quick note most of these are on steam also which makes it not really exclusive but whatever) ok time to name some exclusives (Halo, Sea Of Thieves, Forza, Gears of war, Banjo and Kazooie) I couldn’t find any other relevant Xbox games that are exclusives. Now steam exclusives and I don’t expect too many either () yep steam has like no exclusives due to the Epic Games, which is Steams biggest competitor taking some exclusives. I’m not even joking I searched up Steam exclusives and found nothing. I think Nintendo and PlayStation won in this area. Now this isn’t a comparison but when you consider buying a console make sure it’s the best one the company has released, do some research on prices and what console is the best one the company has released, also check in with your friends to see what console they have to see if that changes your mind. I will now be comparing the price of each of the newest consoles the company has released, (since steam is free i will insert the price of a 144 hertz monitor with gaming PC assuming you already have a keyboard and mouse). Let’s start off with Nintendo, the newest Nintendo console is the Nintendo Switch, the price of the switch alone is 300$ and if you want a wireless pro controller with that it would be $370.00 which wouldn’t get you any games but i’m counting the console price not the games. Next we have the new PlayStation 5 which releases on November 12th the price of the Standard PS5 is $500.00 which already brings a wireless DualSense controller so $500 is the total, next is the Xbox series x which is $500, and since steam is free, the price of a 144 hertz monitor and a gaming PC is 685$, the Nintendo switch is the cheapest one here. And last but not least is accessories, I think Nintendo and the PlayStation take this one because they have VR, Playstation also has chargers, headsets, media remotes and cameras, Xbox has augmented reality but it’s $3000 so no. and PC has any accessories pretty much. I can’t force you to get any, it’s all your choice but I wanted to make this to possibly help you reconsider a purchase of any of these. This was meant to show the reader that each gaming platform has their own pros and cons.  I hope this was helpful.