Why AMD makes better CPUs then Intel


“AMD@7nm(12nmIOD)@Zen2@Matisse@Ryzen_5_3600@100-000000031_BF_1923SUT_9HM6935R90062___DSC04768_-_DSC04768” by FritzchensFritz is marked with CC0 1.0

By: Kamren Fuard, Reporter

Although for many years Intel has lead the competition in processor manufacturing, recently AMD has taken the lead. Not only has Ryzen created better CPUs for Desktops like the Ryzen Threadripper 3990x (the best CPU in the market) they have expanded into laptops and consoles. You can even find AMD CPUs in mainstream laptops from manufacturers like HP and DELL. Also, AMD Ryzen Processors are going to be in the newest Xbox Series X and PS5. Although Intel does make i9-10900K its nowhere to as good as the Threadripper which has 64 threads and 128 cores to blow out the competition.



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