Minecraft: The Caves and Cliffs Update Preview


“Sunset in Minecraft” by Wesley Fryer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Daniel Liu, Journalist

Less than a month ago, Minecraft announced its new update, the Caves and Cliffs update. Long-awaited, this amazing new update promises to bring in four new mobs,  the terrifying Warden, which guards the deep caves, cute axolotls that can fight for you, a shimmery squid lurking in the oceans, and tough mountain goats able to hit you far, far away. Also promised to be added are two new ores, copper and amethysts. Copper brings a cool new aging texture and more amazing armor into the game, and amethysts allow you to zoom in to see far away things.  Another amazing new addition to the game is archaeological excavations, which can lead you to diamond blocks, emerald blocks, and other amazing items. And, if your inventory got too full for more new items to be added, new bundles can help with storage. These new additions, along with others, will make Minecraft even more fun to play.