“clash-royale” by laboratoriolinux is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This game is very hard. It also can be easy but it depends on your cards and your strategy.  There are 100 cards.

24 of them are common.  Common cards are ….. the easiest one that you can find.

24 are specials. Special cards are …. you can get this cards from the silver chest or gold chests.

26 are epic cards. Epic cards are…. you can get one epic card on Sundays for free in the store and also you an get a bunch of epic cards on  epic chest for free or 10,000 of gold.

And there are 13 legendary cards which are …. these cards are very hard to fin because once you get to arena 4 the P.E.K.K..A play ground you can start earning legendary cards but if you lucky enough and if  you get a legendary chest  on any arena you can get any legendary.

There are 12 arenas.  Arenas are …. Arena 1: Goblin Stadium.  Arena 2:the bone pit Arena 3:Barbarian Bowl Arena 4: the P.E.K.K.A playground, Arena 5: spell valley Arena, 6: builder’s workshop , Arena 7: royal arena, Arena 8: frozen peak, Arena 9: jungle Arena, Arena 10: Hog mountain, Arena 11: Electro Valley, Arena 12: Spooky Town.

And, Clash Royal has 10 leagues which are ….  challenger 1,2 and 3. Master 1,2,3.  Champion , Grand champion, Royale champion, Ultimate Champion.

In this game are also tournaments for new cards.  For example when …. There’s a new card ether common, special, epic, legendary  you can try got in to that tournament it’s gem free but if you get 3 strikes you have to start all over again but you have to pay 50 or a 100 gems.

Emotes allow players to tell their challenger if they played fair or if you just want to make fun of the challenger.

Also in this game you can level the cards up onto the level 13 gold 3.

So it’s a really good game and fun to play.