How to Skim for Beginners


“Skimboard Action Tg Bungah-115” by amrufm is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Reagan Vaughn, Reporter

Skimboarding is a very fun an athletic sport that people like myself do one the beach. First before you start skimboarding, you need to practice standing on your board in the sand. You put on foot in the back and one foot in the front and kind of imagine you’re surfing. Once you have gotten that down, you want to find a place on the beach where water is coming up on the sand from the tide. Practice throwing  down your board and then putting your back foot on first and then the front foot on second. You might lose balance but practice makes perfect. Then, after you got the basics, you want to make sure that you can glide your board down and  glide across the wet sand without falling. You can watch the video to learn more about skimboarding from Blair Conklin, World Champion Skimboarder.