Expectations for the Nintendo Switch Pro


Source: Ian H.C.

“Nintendo switch” by IainStars is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Renan Rodriguez, Reporter

So the Nintendo Switch has it’s Pros and Cons, but It’s most success is it’s portability. Unlike other consoles you can’t take it with you, but on a Nintendo Switch you can play on TV or in hand held or even in table top. Now that we got the Pros out of the way lets talk about the cons. Lets start with the Joy Cons, the joy cons were something that people did not like over the past years, for example they way to small and a massive issue was the drifting. If you don’t know what drifting is then let me explain, drifting is when the Joy Cons start to move by it’s self and it made most games unplayable. Another con is the storage,  only 30 GB. Another, is fps. Only 30 fps for gaming, well it’s not perfect but it’s not horrible. Those are the things that we should not expect for the new Nintendo switch possibly coming in 2021.