By: Theo Ball, Journalist

What is Kirby?

Kirby is a alien from a distant planet called planet Popstar.  His first game was on the game boy released on April 27, 1992. It is a puzzle solving, action platformer created by Hal Laboratory. And it was developed by nintendo.  Kirby has over 30 games released.

What does Kirby do?

Kirby usually spends his time sleeping and dreaming about food.  But what does he do other than sleep? You may wonder. Well kirby has something different from other platformers like super Mario.  Kirby has the ability to inhale his enemies and take their powers for himself.  He can spit them out as a projectile as well.

The story:

Kirby is asleep in his dome shaped home in the country of Dreamland when king Dedede calls all of his minions to bring him food. Kirby awakens to go stop him with his friends. He has to stop many enemies along the way but they are not a challenge for Kirby. And then he eventually stops king Dedede but what challenges will kirby face next?