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Apex Legends – Loba

Loba is the 2nd newest Legends to Apex Legends and I think is a great contender in the Apex Arena. Loba is a really versatile character because she can play with more aggressive comps like wraith and octane. She also can play with passive comps like watson and gibby. The first ability I want to talk about with Loba is here tactical a buglers best friend. This bracelet when used can be thrown in the air to teleport to wherever it is thrown. The pros to this ability is that you can get to most places in the map for some sneaky kills. The cons of this ability is that when you use it it must come straight down to the floor and then you teleport so you can’t teleport to mid air. Another con is that when you use it you are really vulnerable because you are just walking and everyone sees the trial your bracelet left behind. So everyone in the lobby knows that Lobas there.Next is her passive ability which is Eye For Quality and what it does  you can see nearby Legendary and Epic loot throw walls. What this can do is make looting faster for you and your teammates. It also lets you get the best loot before opponents. This ability gives you a edge right off the drop and you can spend more time fighting then looting.

Last but certainly not least is her ultimate Black Market Boutique, what this does is you throw it down and in a certain radius (which you can see on the map) you can steal 2 items (a full stack of ammo and meds). There is a catch tho you can only pick up items on the ground opened supply bins and boxes from peoples body’s. Alright so that is Loba what do you think about her I think out of 10 she is a 6/10 she is really good in pubs and just to play but in competitive there are better legends. This relates to engineering because the engineered the game so that you can play it.

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