Sonic Mania


“Sonic Mania Review!” by AntMan3001 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Bayron Coreas, Reporter

The things I like about sonic mania is that there are even more maps than it used to be in the old sonic. Sonic mania is connected to another game, because at the end the magic rock or evil emerald  it makes a dimensional portal that connects to sonic forces but that’s another story. There are a lot of endings on sonic mania but I don’t want to share them. And if you’re tired of the old and evil boss doctor eggman ,then this is your game. Sonic mania has  even more different and even harder bosses beat after each  2 levels of the game. This game is a very fun you can play with you brother all your family it does not matter. But it also depends what kind of edition your playing there are two editions. 1 the normal edition this one contains the usual characters sonic, tails, and knuckles , 2 and the sonic mania plus that editions contains 2 characters more. Mighty, and Ray.