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Among Us

October 15, 2020

Among us is a popular game for Mobile and PCs. The game is a Murder Mystery were there are 2 imposters who try to stop the crewmen from completing there tasks.  Once the crewmen complete all their tasks the 2 imposters lose the game. The victory goes to the crewmen.   But if the imposters wins by taking out all the crewmen the imposters win the game. If you detected a dead body you can report the body and try finding out who is the imposter. You can vote for someone you think is suspicious and everyone can acquire a different color then everyone else like red, blue, orange etc. Also imposters can sabotage tasks like Lights or Reactor. When Reactor is sabotaged you’ll have a timer to go and fix it.  You’ll also need another person to do Reactor with you and if you don’t make it in time allowed the imposter wins. You can also make a custom game and invite your friends to play with you. There are three different maps the names are “THE SKELD, MIRAHQ, POLUS”.

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