The New Generation Of Console: PS5

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By: Erick Martinez-Gomez, Reporter

The PS5 is most likely going to be available for 500 US dollars to 400 US dollars. Some of the specs of the ps5 is that it can run 4k resolution at 120 fps (frames per second). The PS5 has 448GB it can also run a 8k resolution if the TV your using supports it. Some of the built in features on the controller is that there is going to be a built in mic on the controller, so if you don’t want to buy one you don’t have to.

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It’s still recommended to buy a mic because if you have a good mic you will me able to hear the foot steps from all around you and can locate them just by sound. Some thing that is bad about the PS5 is that there’s a ps5 digital edition and a blu ray edition. The difference between the two is that the digital version is disc only blu ray is paying online only.  The ps4 had both which was good because you can have more options. Now you have to decide to get disc only or online only.