Why Is NASA Not Sending People To Mars Yet?


“Mars” by Kevin M. Gill is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Rafik Chakoui, Reporter

NASA has big plans of sending things to Mars, such as voyages, and spaceships that can track detail. They even discovered water to be on Mars. Although why aren’t people going to mars to do investigation there?

Think about other things that could get in the way in order to do that such as, lack of money, politics, etc.

Proof/ Details 

  • ”If NASA is to reach beyond the Moon and someday reach Mars, it must be relieved of the burden of launching” Quote from Nasa saying they would need big, heavy, spaceships/rockets for launching to go to such a far distance.
  • In order for us humans to go to Mars it would take at least 21 months. 9 months to go to Mars 3 months to investigate and 9 months to come back. It will probably depend on how long humans could investigate to get proper proof of living or any special items from Mars.
  • This would be extremely hard in order to do this because just imagine being at least  39.4 million miles from Earth they would need a lot of signal.
  • Mars is a Terrestrial Planet so us humans could stand and wouldn’t fall down in the void like Gas Giants although humans would need the correct amount of resources to help them survive because Mars atmosphere is way more different the Earths. For example Mars average temperature is -81 degrees F and Earths is 57 F which is a huge difference. Earth is full of Oxygen which humans need in order to breath and Mars is full of Carbon Dioxide which is what humans breath out of so breathing in Mars would be more difficult that breathing in the Earth.


This would be very difficult on design of the ship to go to Mars, the journey to go to Mars, and to be on Mars. People would need a lot more time to send people to Mars. Also sense its so far away we would need very high level signals.

Watch the video to see more reasons on why people aren’t going to Mars.