Giant Japanese Gundam Robot Takes its First Steps

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In a Japanese city called Yokohama a giant robot has just shown everyone what an electronic beast can do. In a video on twitter one can watch the creation walk and take a knee. It can also make hand signals and move its arms around. The designing of this robot started about 6 years ago. The building was started in January. The 60 feet tall, 25 ton robot is based on a TV show called Mobile Suit Gundam.

This gigantic machine has over 200 parts, and is built from plastic and metal. It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that this is the world’s largest robot. Gundam Factory Yokohama had planned to display the robot again when it was fully completed by October, but due to coronavirus concerns the event will have to be delayed. The creators plan to have the presentation within a year. We can be almost certain that it will attract lots of visitors.

This robot was created by many companies, including a robotics corporation called Nabetsco Corp. Parts of it were also built by Yaskawa Electric Corp.

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