A Guide To Beating The Ender Dragon


Image Credit: realkentzz

By: Jose Iriarte-Dubon, Reporter

Well assuming you have been on this world for a while and have at least full iron armor, around 10 eyes of ender, this guide will help you beat the ender dragon, if you are missing iron armor and tools or at least 10 eyes of ender I recommend you get that. Ok now you will need to set your spawn point at you house so once you are done you will spawn there.

Step 1: save your eyes of ender you don’t need more than 15 and when you are going to the end you will need them

Step:2 depending on what you are playing minecraft on the button will be different to throw the ender eye but once you figure it out throw one eye it should float in the air and eventually drop back down make sure you pick it up before throwing another one

Step 3: follow the eyes of ender, usually they should lead you to a villages water well if that the case go next to the well and dig down it should lead you to a stronghold once you are there I cant really help you find the portal because it is randomized but explore the stronghold and usually in around 5 minutes you will find the portal

Step 4: Once you are at the portal get your eyes of ender and fill in the portals missing blocks and jump in

Step 5: You normally spawn in the ground so carefully build a staircase upwards and dig out

Step 6: Once you are out the battle has started now use your building blocks to build up to the towers, also don’t stare at the pesky endermen they will chase you and are very annoying

Step 7: Once you reached the top of the tower beware to not fall off, usually the end core will be out in the open so break it, if it has iron bars around it just break them then break the core, if you brought your bow this will be easier, once you are on a, tower  use your bow and shoot at the cores you can hit from there, if you don’t have a bow you will have to build up to each tower and destroy it. Obviously some cores will be protected so you will have to go up to those and break them

Step 8: Once all tower cores are destroyed come to the middle and take out your bow if you have one and shoot at the ender dragon, if you don’t have one wait till the dragon swoops down and attack him with your sword (note: if you have a bow attack him with a sword when he comes down but when he is up shoot him)

Step 9: After a while you should be able to beat the ender dragon! Once he is dead a lot of XP will drop down, make sure to collect it.

Step 10 If you want the dragon egg cover up the portal to the overworld and break the egg, look around for a bit and you’ll see it teleported next break down 2 blocks under it and place a torch then break the block under the egg and you can collect the egg!