The New Member To Professional Sports


“File:Cody Miller.jpg” by Jose Javato is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

We have so many televised and professional sports such as soccer, baseball and football. A sport that has in the past years grown a lot in popularity but is only watched during the summer Olympics. Swimming a sport that was over looked until Michael Phelps came and flipped the sport upside down by winning a astonishing thirty-one gold medals before he retired. So now after swimming’s popularity has skyrocketed. Swimming was now able to create a professional league the ISL or international swimming league. The ISL was created last year and it was cancelled early for the swimmer. Mainly because most of them are Olympians such as Cody Miller, Caleb Dressel and Andrew Seliskar. But because of the corona virus the ISL was not allowed to make an appearance for its second season. But the people behind ISL are trying incredibly hard to make it come back.

“CU Swimming and Diving 15” by Angela Radulescu is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Some things about the ISL are that it has eight teams and two new ones four are in America four are in Europe and the two new ones are from Canada and Tokyo. The teams from America are DC trident, Cali condors, LA current and the NY breakers. The teams from Europe are the London roar, energy standard, Iron and the Aqua centurions. Lastly the two new teams are the Tokyo frog kings and the Toronto titans. By now you may be wondering what are the ISL swim rules well. The ISL is in a 25 yard or meter depending on the country. The point system for the ISL is very different to other sports because it is a team race so they give points based on your position at the end of the race. First gets four points, second gets three ,third gets two , and fourth gets one. Lastly a new race that the ISL has created called skins. A skins race is a series of back-to-back-to-back 50 meters freestyle races, operating on a knockout basis. In the first round out of eight swimmers four are knocked out  second round two swimmers are eliminated leaving the 3rd and last round consisting of only two swimmers racing each other in a head-to-head final race.

Lastly since I have been to a ISL swim meet I will give you my thoughts on the atmosphere and races. The set up of the arena is so cool they have tons of lights and use them to set a mood for the next race. They also had a platform with big screens where the swimmers come out and it got the crowd really hyped and excited. Next was that you can some times meet the parents of the swimmers on the teams while I was there I got to meet Andrew Seliskar’s parents and they were very nice. Lastly you you can meet and get autographs from the swimmers after the meet is over though I didn’t do it it looked really cool and interesting.


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