Is NBA 2k21 Worth Buying?


source: Essentially Sports

By: Daniel Sanchez, Reporter

NBA 2k21 is the newest entry in the NBA 2k franchise. Well first lets talk about the new feature called shot aiming, Shot aiming is when you pull down on the Right stick on the controller then you have to move it slightly  to the right or to the left to get a perfect release. The shot aiming gives you the highest boost out of all the Meters. This year shooting is extremely difficult if you don’t have any badges but once you do most of the slightly left\right will go in but if you want to green/ perfect release  you’ll  have to learn to time your  jump shot.

This year they took out the shooting badge called quickdraw which was a badge where you could up the speed of the jump shot but since they took out quick draw in 2k21 you unlock jump shot creator at the start of the game whereas in 2k20 you had to unlock it after a certain amount of games. In 2k21 since there is no quick draw, in the jump shot creator there is a new feature where you can change the speed of the jump shot. Now lets talk about the defense, defense in this game isn’t too great because at sometimes it feels like you’re skating on ice. Nba2k21 introduces a new park for the people that like to play online.

The story mode for NBA 2k21  is called my career, I found the story to be pretty enjoyable to playthrough I don’t want to say much because I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

After playing NBA2k21 for about a month now and I’ve had a lot of fun with it especially when playing with friends. My favorite online mode to play  is 3v3 pro-am with my friends.

Is NBA2k21 worth buying? Yes in my opinion It’s a super fun game to play with friends or even by yourself with random people.