How Easily You Can Get Hacked


Source: Picasa

“Anonymous Hacker” by dustball is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

By: Jonathan McCombs, Journalist

Have you ever gotten a strange message before from a friend on social media? Well I certainly have. An old friend once asked me If I could help them out with something and sent me a link, so being a good friend I wanted to help him and I clicked on it. I did what he wanted and nothing happened for around a week, but then people were getting messages from my account asking the same thing my friend asked me, and the bot was getting peoples account information. This is a pretty common method for getting peoples account information especially on the social media/ game engine I was using, called Steam. The bot would get your account information, log onto your account, message friends the link, then move on. This teaches you are very important lesson that you have probably heard a lot but, don’t click on links. Everyone says don’t click on links all the time, but sometimes you don’t listen depending on who sent you the link. It could be your really close friend but you wouldn’t know if it was them typing it or not. This is just one common strategy that hackers use. They use many others as well, that can be even more dangerous such as, malware injecting devices which can give the hackers- access to your device. Another scary technique is keylogging, through a social engineering attackĀ  you could accidentally download software onto your devise, and it records your keystrokes. So when typing in your username and password the hacker could get your account information just like that.