What is Among Us?


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Among Us, you might be asking yourself what is this game and how do you play it, well you don’t have to worry about that anymore because I have all the information you need.

Basics of Among Us

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Among Us is a new video game that has been blowing up for the past few weeks and still is. I’m going to tell you all about how to play Among Us which is actually very easy if you are a good detective and a good liar. In the game there are 10 avatars in total, on a space ship and all of them have different colors. Based on how the host has made the game there can be 1-3 imposters and 7-9 crewmates also there can be different space ship structures. As the game starts 1-3 people are chosen by the device to become imposters. The job of an imposter is to slowly or quickly wipe out the crewmates. When the game starts there are not only Imposters but also 7-9 crewmates. The job of an crewmate is to do all there tasks and find out who the imposter is.


Now when a imposter wipes out a crewmate they have 3 choices they can either run away quickly before any crewmate sees them. The second option is they can self report which means the imposter pretends they did not kill a crewmate and someone before them did so they don’t seem suspicious. Last but not least they can vent from one  room to another if you don’t know what this means here’s what it is, venting is something only imposters can do and how they do it is there is these little vents in every room of the space ship and the imposter can go inside the vent and come out of another vent in a different room so they don’t get caught and also, NEVER EVER vent in front of a crewmate or else they will know you are a imposter. Imposters can sabotage like close doors and they have fake tasks so they don’t seem suspicious.


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Now lets talk about crewmates. Crewmates have to do all there tasks in order to win and they have to find dead bodies that the imposters killed. Once a crewmate has found a dead body they have to report the body very quickly and talk about where the body was and who could potentially be the imposter. Sometimes the crewmates catch the imposters killing another crewmate and have to either report the body or call a emergency meeting and convince other crewmates who the imposter is. When the crewmates and the imposters all vote for someone to get out that person gets ejected and becomes a ghost.

Voting and Ghosts

If the ghosts are crewmates they can do unfinished tasks, and imposter ghosts can sabotage like close door. Sometimes the crewmates vote there own people out without knowing. For that crewmates should be very careful on who they vote for because, if they eject there own team mate they just help the imposters.

Main Goal

So basically the main goal of the game Among Us is if you are a imposter you need to wipe out all of the crewmates so you win and if you are crewmate you need to eject the imposters so you win.

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