The Dangers of Teslas

Toxic Pigments


“mtn view tesla scene graphic” by NTSBgov is marked with CC PDM 1.0

By: Cindy DeLeon-DeLeon , Reporter

Tesla, also known as the car of the future is an electrical car with the cost around 50,000 dollars.  With Tesla’s not being your ordinary motor car, there come many dangers to look out for. Since Tesla’s big hit in 2018, people have been continuously buying Tesla’s.

Overheating and Explosions 

Tesla’s have a lot of dangerous part built inside of them.  These parts may cause explosion and fires. Sure, Tesla’s do have there amazing features but they can overheat and explode. A major car accident can also lead to explosion of the vehicle. In China, a video of a Tesla model S overheating got famous, the car started to overheat, then started to smoke, and followed by it exploding into flames.

“Bulletproof Glass”

In the Tesla Cyber Truck showcase Elon Musk demonstrates the bullet proof glass on the Cyber Truck. Elon Musk asked one of his workers to throw a metal ball at the preview car. When the ball hit the glass, it shattered. Elon Musk, his workers, and the audience were all surprised. If a metal ball could break the glass, then a bullet would definitely go through. We still haven’t heard about Elon Musk fixing this problem.

Self-Driving Feature

Tesla’s self-Driving feature was announced in mid-October 2015. People were obviously excited about this, but some people took it too far. People starting ignoring the road and leaving all the work to the Tesla. This was so unsafe, people started getting arrested for using this feature too far.  Sometimes Tesla’s system glitches and the car starts going off-road and causing a lot of danger. This feature was only added for emergencies only.

Tesla’s is a very good and wealthy car company. These dangers may not stop people from buying Tesla’s but you still need look out for possible dangers. Make sure you are driving safely.