The History of Morse Code


“Morse Code Straight Key J-38” by Whiskeygonebad is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Abigail Chi, Reporter

You have most likely hear the term Morse code before, or likely  a general assumption of what it is. Morse code is a form of communication thought dots and dashes. It is an international code that is used by approximately 150,000 people all over the globe.

On April 27th 1791  Samuel Finley Breese Morse was brought into the world. He grew up to be a famous painter and a skilled inventor. On a particular day in February 1829, Samuel Morse had gotten a letter sent by his father. “My heart is in pain and deeply sorrowful, while I announce to you the sudden and unexpected death of your dear and deservedly loved wife.” Samuel was devastated that such a thing had happened that he immediately traveled back to where his wife was. Tragically because of the distance and the amount of time it took the letter to reach Morse, He arrived to be informed his wife had already been buried. Through the pain and determination Morse decided to invent the telegraph and a important form of communication now called Morse Code.

The Telegraph is a device/system that allows a coded message to be transmitted across a long distance. The code used was a series of dots and dashes forming words when put together. (refer to the chart to the right)Decode the Morse Code. Solved in Ruby | by Damon Self | Medium

Nowadays although Morse code is not as popular or used as commonly, it is known internationally and everywhere of its famous history.