Which Streaming Service Is The Best For Watching Anime?


Source: Funimation.com

By: Santiago Salazar, Reporter

Many people wonder which streaming service is the best for watching anime and that’s why I made this story.

The main anime streaming services are: Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll. First is Netflix, Netflix is best for anime beginners. What I mean is that Netflix does have many anime’s but they are all mainly the popular ones that everyone already knows about, I would suggest this to people that are starting to watch anime.

Hulu, best for classic anime’s. Hulu has a lot of good older anime’s to offer but after they struck a deal with Funimation they got more popular anime’s.

Anime screenshot
“Fausto and Marc as anime characters?” by feastoffun.com is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Funimation, best for anime enthusiasts. Funimation is more for the “some what” obsessed anime fans, a perk about Funimation is that it gets the newest animes and newest seasons first which not many streaming services give out. Unlike Hulu and Netflix, Funimation only contains anime shows.

Crunchyroll, best for anime subs. Crunchyroll is much like Funimation except the fact that Crunchyroll focuses more on subbed anime’s unlike Funimation which focuses on dubbed anime’s. A subbed anime is an anime with Japanese audio but has English/Spanish/French subtitles, a dubbed anime is an anime where they speak English and usually doesn’t have any subtitles.

Many people wonder. “How much is the cost for the streaming services and are there ads?”

Netflix: $8.99 a month (no ads)

Hulu: $5.99 a month (w/ ads), $11.99 a month (no ads)

Funimation: Free (w/ ads), $5.99 a month (no ads)

Crunchyroll: Free (w/ ads), $7.99 a month (no ads)

I hope my article helped you understand the anime streaming services and what they offer!