How Deep Is The Ocean Really?


“Beautiful-Ocean-Sunset” by Jeffpro57 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Sophie Veas, Reporter

Let’s start off by saying that the ocean is really deep, maybe deeper than you would expect. And if you were scared of the ocean before then get ready for this.

If you were to put all the earth’s land into the ocean and flattened it out the ocean would be 2 miles deep.

Forty meters is the maximum depth for scuba divers and 100 meters scuba diving can become hazardous. That didn’t stop Herbert Nitsch who had a depth of 214 meters and swam down there with a single breath.

A little farther down at 332 meters is holding a scuba diving world record, Ahmed Gabr.

Now at 443 meters is the height of the empire state building of it was upside-down.

At 500 meters is the max depth for blue whales.  It’s also the limit of the Seawolf Class Submarine.

Further down at 535 is the dive depth for emperor penguins. Now the pressure down there is equal to a polar bear stepping on a quarter.

830 meters would be the height of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

At 1,000 meters we get to the point beyond where light cannot reach, and the pressure is at about if you were standing on the planet Venus which means that you would die very quickly. You would also meet the colossal squid at this point if the pressure didn’t already kill you.

And at 1,280 meters is the max depth dived to by the leatherback sea turtle.

Further down at 1,828 is the deepest point of the grand canyon.

Down at 2,000 meters you would encounter the more terrifying creatures, like the Black Dragonfish.

Further down at 2,250 meters you would reach the maximum dive depth by both Sperm Whales and the Colossal Squid.  Sperm Whales often have scars from battles with a Colossal Squid. Colossal Squids can grow to be 14 meters long, weigh up to 750 kilograms, with eyes the size of a dinner plate, and razor-sharp suckles in the middle of their tentacles.  So yeah good luck with that.

Way farther down at 3,800 meters we can find the wreck of the RMS titanic.

We’ve only explored 5% of our earth ocean so just imagine what else lies there.