Rating Celebrities Based Off of Their Carbon Footprint


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By: Isabella Pelini, Reporter

In today’s fast paced world we often wonder whether or not something somebody does is environmentally conscious. Well, today we will see just how considerate some of the best known celebrities are based off of their carbon footprint.

Before I start I would just like to ask that you don’t send any hate to any of the celebrities spoken about, this is not anything against them it is just simply reporting on their carbon footprint.  This article will look at Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Drake, and Harry Styles’ carbon footprint based on the number of houses and vehicles they own, if they fly private or commercial, their eating preference and if they support sustainable fast fashion.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez (珍妮弗·洛佩兹)

First up is Jennifer Lopez. She has five mansions, three cars and only flies private. She also owns a fast fashion line at Kohls which, according to businessinsider.com, contributes nearly 10% of the worlds pollution. She was also ranked as one of the top three polluting celebrities in 2017. A Swedish study shows that in 2017 alone she flew 77 times emitting around 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide. For reference, the average human being emits around 2oo tons of carbon dioxide per year. So just those flights alone emitted five times more than a single person does in a single year. She is vegan which is a plus, but other than that she hasn’t done anything to speak up about climate change. 1.6/10.

Harry StylesFile:180612 Harry Styles Live On Tour in Nashville.png

Next up we have Harry Styles. Harry owns three mansions and seven cars. He flies both commercial and private, but  mostly private. But he is vegetarian and promotes being vegetarian. He partnered with non profits fighting against climate change back in 2017 . He also promotes sustainable fashion. From what I have gathered he does a pretty good job compared to most people. 6.8/10

Kylie JennerFile:Kylie Jenner March 2020.png

Next is Kylie Jenner. Kylie owns 14 vehicles, majority of which are either high performance sports cars or sports utility vehicles which are known notoriously for bad gas mileage. She owns five large houses and a private jet. She owns a fast fashion line which is a pretty big polluter. She also owns Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics which both use a lot of plastic packaging. She has recently become vegan which is good but it’s hard to balance out considering the amount of pollution her businesses cause. 2/10


We have Drake coming in at number four. Starting off he has a custom 220 million dollar custom private jet (air drake) and only flies privately. He owns ten cars and three mansions. He has a pretty expensive clothing line which is fast fashion.  While he is a vegan, Drake hasn’t really done anything to offset his carbon footprint or speak up about climate change. 3.8/10.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Lastly, Taylor Swift owns five cars, she used to have two private jets but sold one. She owns three mansions, a penthouse, two condos and one townhouse. Her merchandise is made out of cotton which is somewhat more sustainable than polyester. She also created a sustainable fashion line with Stella McCartney.  Their clothes are made out of 50% sustainable material.  While she is not vegan or vegetarian, overall, I’d say she does pretty well. 4.7/10