Casetify Compostable Phone and AirPod Cases


“Black iPhone and Airpods” by gavinwhitner is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Canopy Project was started by the Earth Day Network, and Casetify is a proud partner of the project. The Canopy Project, started in 2010, is a project that has been worked on world wide to restore some of the forests in dire need of help. They have planted tens of millions of trees all over the world.

The company Casetify is participating in the Canopy Project. First off, Casetify is a company that sells compostable AirPod and iPhone cases. Its the first company to make customizable decomposable cases. The cases are made from bamboo-based materials, and every time a product is bought from them a tree is planted.

The cases are made from recyclable plastic, 100% virgin plastic-free, with military-grade protection, advanced laser engraving, and recently released custom photo cases. Casetify is a green company that is giving back to the Earth. Although the cases are a bit more money than regular cases you can get somewhere else, you have to recognize the fact that they are very durable, compostable, and customizable. Casetify is a green company that’s giving back to the Earth.