Rainbow 6 Siege Jager


Photo Source: Screen Grab from Rainbow Six

By: Elijah Stevenson, Journalist

The operator know as Jager (Marius Streicher) was one of the first operators to be in the game. A cool back story of Jager is that he has autism and he is in a elite group called rainbow 6 and they are called in for tersest attacks. Something special about Jager he is a engineer who made a machine called the ADS (Active Defense system)  which stops all thing like frags and flash bangs no matter how fast it comes to the room there is a ads it will break the thing in the air and the cool thing is its so small and compact. In a game Jager gets 3 ADS and a choice of 2 barbed wire and a bulletproof camera which barbed slows down the enemy and is load when there in it and it breaks with there thing that break. The ads is a very engineered but it only works for three flash bangs or frags or smokes and it breaks with one bullet to the ads but is very useful for the players for almost every site on every map and has a very good gun with low recoil and the secondary of the p12 pistol which the German operators have